Salcombe Harbour Photography Competition Gallery

The first annual Salcombe Harbour photography competition has now closed and judging is well underway.

The competition winner will receive a canvas print of their winning shot, a cash prize and to become a character in our Estuarine Escapade comic strip.

See all of the entries for the 2016 Photography Competition here.

Salcombe Harbour Photography Competition Gallery

Closing date for entries is 9 September 2016 and if you have a photograph that captures your connection with Salcombe Harbour then you can submit it here.

Photography Competition

Our 2016 Photography Competition has closed

We have launched a photography competition to capture your connection with Salcombe Harbour. Entrants are being asked to send in their best photos of activities, wildlife or landscapes in, on or around the Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary.

The photos, which can be taken at any time of the year, should best reflect what Salcombe Harbour means to them.

Salcombe Harbour is a popular recreational and leisure port situated within the South Hams Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty renowned for its intrinsic beauty, character and diversity of wildlife. It was designated an eco-port in 2014.

Adam Parnell the Harbour Master said “The Harbour is an amazingly beautiful location enjoyed by thousands of residents and visitors alike and we want to encourage even more people to discover and enjoy all that the Harbour has to offer.”

The competition is free to enter and the winner will receive a large canvas print of their photograph, a small cash prize and the chance to be immortalised in the ‘Estuarine Escapades’ cartoon strip published on the Harbour Website.

The winning image will also be published in our publications and on a variety of social media websites, so the winner will also have the pleasure of having their creativity widely recognised. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and possibly kick start your career as a photographer!

The competition is open until 9 September 2016 and details of how to apply and full Terms and Conditions are available here.

If you’d like to see the current entries then have a look at the Competition Gallery

Marine flare amnesty proposed

Do you have out of date marine flares you want to dispose of for free?

Mariners know that marine flares should be part of their boat’s safety kit, and while these can be bought from a number of stockists, disposal of out of date flares (known as Time Expired Pyrotechnics, or TEPs) can prove more problematic. The regulations have become more stringent and make it an offence to dump TEPs at sea or to fire them as fireworks, and placing them in the general rubbish puts the waste collectors or even the ‘bin lorry’ in danger if they explode or catch alight.

Unfortunately there isn’t anywhere locally for individuals to return out of date flares – the closest place is Falmouth Coastguard, but only by appointment – so Salcombe Harbour Authority is proposing to co-host a ‘flare amnesty’ with a commercial company which specialises in their collection and safe disposal.

This won’t cost Harbour users a penny as the Authority intends to absorb all of the costs, but they would like to gauge the local demand to ensure that the appropriate facilities are booked, as Harbour Master Adam Parnell explained: “We want to run a free event for Harbour users as part of our ‘Safe Salcombe’ campaign, but we need to know in advance if we’re talking 10s or 1000s of flares to make sure that we can cope with the demand.”

The event will be run later in the summer, and anyone who would like to use such a service is encouraged to register with the Salcombe Harbour Office using the form below so that they can be contacted before the event, but please do NOT bring your marine flares to the office until then.

Flare Amnesty Registration Form

Your First Name (required)

Your Surname (required)

Your Email (required)

Amount of flares to dispose

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Further details and guidance on Time Expired Pyrotechnics can be found at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency web site here:

BBQs at The Millbrook Inn during July

It’s a sure sign that summer has arrived when confidence in the weather is strong enough to schedule in BBQs and that’s just what Charlie and Tess, the new owners of The Millbrook Inn, have done.

BBQs at The Millbrook Inn

Why not nip across to welcome them and enjoy some local produce at the same time?

Don’t forget that if you’re a local business and you’d like to promote an event on our website then you can by visiting our Add an Event page.

Estuarine Escapades – The lighter way to stay safe

Estuarine Escapades is our new regular comic strip, created by Nick Brennan of Cartoon Fun, to help us convey important safety messages in a light hearted way.

Estuarine Escapades comic strip

We want everyone to enjoy their time around and on our Estuary and the best way to do this is to keep safe by following some CLEAR rules:

  • Communication – ensure that you have at least one means of communication with shore in case of an emergency
  • Lifejacket – or other suitable personal flotation device for each person (and dog!)
  • Equipment – check that the boat and all its equipment are in place and ready to go
  • Able – have a plan, know where you are heading and how to get there safely
  • Ready – be ready to have fun on the water!

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South Hams Beaches Meet New European Bathing Water Quality Standards

Fantastic news for South Hams bathers. All 17 beaches in the district have met stringent new European standards for bathing water quality, with 10 of those rated as excellent.

The tough new standards set by the recent European Union’s Bathing Water Directive, replace current water testing regulations first introduced in 1976. From November 2015, bathing waters are classified as either excellent, good, sufficient or poor, with the water quality standards for the new classifications being much higher than those of the original bathing waters standards. The quality of water is monitored throughout the height of the bathing season, 1 May to 30 September.

Bathing water quality can be affected by many factors outside water companies’ control such as rainwater running off roads and roofs, run-off from agricultural land, sewage from privately owned treatment works and septic tanks, boats or even animals, such as dogs or seabirds on the beach. This can be made worse by heavy rain, therefore a quick reaction to problems by Council staff is crucial to helping maintaining these high standards.

Leader of South Hams District Council, Cllr. John Tucker, said, “We are absolutely thrilled to have all of our beaches meet these tough new regulations. This is great news and has been made successful by collaboration between ourselves and our partner agencies in looking after our beautiful beaches and bathing water.”

Richard Gilpin, South West Water’s Head of Waste Recovery and Environmental Protection (Devon) said: “We have invested more than £2billion to improve bathing water quality across the region over the past 20 years. More recently, in 2014/15, South West Water invested a further £20million to deliver even cleaner seas at nine beaches in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall which were considered to be at risk of not meeting the new standards.

“This included a £7million scheme to deliver even cleaner seas for Mothecombe, which was which was successfully completed in time for the start of the 2015 official bathing water season, so we’re delighted that Mothecombe was rated sufficient this year.

“In addition, between 2015 and 2020 we will spend £463million on improving the region’s sewerage network and treatment works.”

Salcombe Harbour progresses eco-harbour concept

Salcombe Harbour progresses eco-harbour concept

As part of its eco-harbour strategy, Salcombe Harbour will convert one of its water taxis to run on solar PV-powered batteries. During the winter months, the Harbour Authority will install solar panels on their workshop roof. At the same time, one of the water taxis will have its diesel engine replaced by an electric motor and a battery pack. By feeding electricity generated by the solar panels into the grid at their workshop premises, and charging the batteries from an electrical connection at the quayside, Salcombe Harbour Authority will be indirectly powering the water taxi using renewable energy, thereby reducing their environmental footprint. Because the boat will run silently, customers won’t have to shout above the sound of the engine to be heard; and they will also have the opportunity to interact with the natural environment more easily

If successful, the Authority hopes to convert more launches to run on solar power in the future.

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Annual Report 2015 published

Salcombe Harbour’s Annual Report covering the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015 has now been published.

To reflect our green values as an eco port, this year we are distributing fewer ‘hard’ copies and instead encouraging people to download it from our website.

Annual Report 2015