Harbour Security Staff foil Thefts

Harbour Security Staff halt thefts in progress

Swift action by the Harbour’s security staff has resulted in thefts being foiled on each of the previous two nights. The first incident took place in the early hours of Monday morning in Bowcombe (Newbridge) when the security patrol witnessed two men making off with a kayak from racks adjacent to the slipway. When the patrol approached them the men dropped the kayak and drove off at high speed, almost knocking the security team over in the process. Details have been handed to the Police and the Harbour Office are trying to trace the kayak’s owner so that it can be returned.

The second incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning when the security patrol saw two men acting suspiciously at Victoria Quay in Salcombe. When the men were approached they got into a Silver BMW and drove off at high speed. Again, all information has been handed to the Police but members of the public who may have witnessed anything are also encouraged to pass on what they know to the Police.

The Harbour Master, Adam Parnell said “A number of ports and harbours in the South West have seen a spike in marine crime recently and unfortunately we have not been immune, and a small but significant number of outboard thefts have been recorded within the estuary this summer. The quick actions by the security team are to be commended on these occasions but we are obviously concerned that the thieves may try again, and we would urge boat owners to take especial care of their belongings. During the summer we have run several marine crime awareness events and have handed out security marking kits.”


Simple steps to improve security

Boat owners are encouraged:

  • not to leave valuable or attractive items unattended if possible;
  • to ensure that outboards etc are properly security marked. Even a post-code written in indelible ink can be a deterrent;
  • if possible, lock outboards to the transom of the boat to make it more difficult to steal;
  • report any suspicious activity to the Police on 101

Consultation starts on Harbour’s 2017-2022 Strategic Business Plan

Salcombe Harbour welcomes consultation feedback

Salcombe Harbour is beginning a consultation on its draft 2017-2022 Strategic Business Plan. This is being done over the busy summer period to capture feedback from residents and visitors alike.

The Harbour Board wants to meet evolving expectations and needs of Harbour users and they are proposing an ambitious 5-year plan. This will ensure that the  Harbour is a safe, efficient and sustainable modern eco-harbour that that meets the needs and expectations of 21st century Harbour users while maintaining its unspoiled and naturally beautiful character.

Key deliverables:

– Transform Salcombe Harbour into an eco-harbour. The Authority intends to transform Salcombe into a truly sustainable eco-harbour that represents a model for other harbours to adopt.

– Improve navigational safety. The Authority wants to widen the navigable channel in ‘the Bag’ by replacing some swinging moorings with deep water pontoons close to the old houseboat moorings.

– Adapt to changes in visitor patterns. The number of visitors arriving by sea is slowly reducing, but more are choosing to launch their boat from a slipway inside the Harbour. We are improving the maintenance and operational management of slipways to ease congestion during busy periods, and investigating better ways to store visitors’ road trailers.

– Support a thriving local community. Establishing Kingsbridge as a maritime destination, supporting a thriving shell fishing industry and raising environmental awareness are key priorities.

– Employ an engaged and dedicated staff. Our reputation comes from our staff’s dedication and commitment. We will recognise and reward their skills and experience with career-enhancing qualifications.

Consultation period open until 2 September

The Harbour Authority welcomes feedback by post or online. The consultation period closes on 2 September 2016.



DRAFT Strategic Business Plan 17-22

Salcombe Harbour User Survey

Take part in our User survey!

Salcombe Harbour has partnered with Plymouth University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering to undertake a survey on harbour users’ views and attitudes towards the harbour environment. We would like to invite you to participate in this short survey in order for us to understand what the harbour means to you and your awareness to the environment.

This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Your responses will remain confidential. The survey is open until 24th April 2016.

Please click the link to start the survey (opens in a new window): The survey

We appreciate your time!

Why are we doing this?

The Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary contains some rare and important species. With limited freshwater inputs from small streams, the Estuary is predominantly tidal, creating a unique marine eco-system. The uniqueness of the estuary has led to its designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), as well as being a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and also a part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Within the Estuary there are eelgrass beds, reed beds and mudflats which support a rich and diverse wildlife, providing nursery and feeding grounds to a number of species such as seahorses, shellfish and birds, and larger animals like seals and basking sharks (South Devon AONB, 2016). It is important that the estuary is protected and maintained in order to safeguard both natural and human health.


Salcombe Harbour is a very popular destination in the South West for boating and recreational activities, with peak visits during the summer months (between June and August). Due to the amount of human activity around the area, the harbour could be prone to pollution. Additionally, a recent improvement of the sewer system at Salcombe to alleviate floods should hopefully alleviate drainage of surface water runoff, diverting it away from the sewerage system into newly constructed surface water drains (South West Water, 2016). This means any pollution of surface water and substances down the drain will potentially go directly into the harbour!

Salcombe Harbour to go Solar

Solar Panels to be installed at Salcombe Harbour Workshop

In the New Year the South Hams District Council will install solar PV panels on the roof of the Salcombe Harbour workshop in Island Square, Salcombe. These will generate a renewable source of electrical energy to meet the workshop’s needs, and will also feed unused ‘surplus’ sustainable energy into the national grid, thereby potentially providing ‘green’ energy to the local electrical infrastructure, too.

After a competitive tendering process  – to ensure best value for money for Council Tax payers – preferred contractor status has been determined and contracts will be signed in the New Year before the work starts immediately afterward.

The solar PV panels are expected to generate up to 11,500kWh of energy throughout each one of their projected 25 years of serviceable life, saving approximately 36,250 tonnes of Carbon during that time when compared to conventional (non renewable) energy sources such as oil or gas fired power stations. Moreover, the Council expects to recoup the installation costs within 5 years, meaning that it will make significant savings on its future energy bills, thereby benefitting Council Tax payers as well.

Salcombe: The Eco Harbour

This scheme perfectly complements the harbour’s eco-port status which was granted to it in 2014 by the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) and will enable the Harbour Authority to pursue its aspiration to convert one of its water taxis to run on solar-charged batteries (announced in News, 23rd October). This is only one of several eco-initiatives being planned by the Harbour Authority; others include greater monitoring of water quality, actively lifting unwanted mooring blocks from the quieter Creeks to return them to a more natural state, incentivising yachts to avoid ‘pumping out’ in the harbour and reducing energy use.

Harbour Office and Fuel Barge opening hours, Christmas 2015

If the improving weather forecast is correct then you might be planning to get onto the water over the Christmas break and need fuel, or you might be thinking about popping into the office to update your details or have a query answered. Whatever the reason, we don’t want you to have a wasted journey so here are the opening hours of the Harbour Office along with those of the fuel barge:

Harbour Office

The Harbour Office will close from mid-day on Thursday 24th December and re-open at 0900 on Monday 4th January 2016. During this closed period, the Duty Boatman will be on the water and contactable via VHF Channels 12 and 14 between 0900-1100 daily except 25 and 26th Dec and 1st Jan. Outside of these times there is a phone number that you can ring to raise urgent (but NOT life threatening) concerns with us which is manned 24-hours a day every day of the year. That number is 01803 867034.

When calling the number please inform the operator that you’re calling about Salcombe Harbour and do provide a contact phone number. The operator will pass your message on to the Harbour Master or one of his Assistants who will then call you back and take the appropriate action.


Fuel Barge

The fuel barge (which is operated by an independent company) will be available as follows:

Weds 23rd, Sunday 27th, Weds 30th and Sat 2nd Jan: Available ‘on call’ between 1400-1600 via phone (01548 560955/07968 191060)

Closed on 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 31 December, and 1st January.

It will reopen on its normal winter opening hours from Monday 4th January.


Wherever you are, and whatever you do, the Salcombe Harbour staff wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and look forward to assisting you in, on and around the water in 2016.header

Oil spill exercise success for Salcombe Harbour

Oil Spill Exercise at Batson Quay

The Salcombe Harbour team took part in a successful oil spill exercise at Batson Quay during the morning of 3rd December.

Responding to a plausible (if hopefully very unlikely!) scenario in which a refuelling bowser rolled off of Batson Quay into the water, the team took immediate and decisive action, and quickly deployed a ‘boom’ of absorbent material around the immediate site in a bid to contain the spread of pollution, minimise environmental damage and ensure that operations within the remainder of the harbour were unaffected.

For small amounts of oil pollution this type of boom would probably be enough to contain the spill, but for larger amounts (in the scenario the fuel bowser was carrying up to 10,000L of diesel) a larger response would be required, so Adler and Allen, the Harbour’s specialist contractor pollution response company, attended.

Adler and Allen support

Adler and Allen not only bring more equipment to assist with the incident, they also bring additional people and pollution response experience which was invaluable when considering the wider implications of a real incident. Their additional equipment includes a wide range of boom equipment and oil recovery devices to remove the oil from the water once it has been contained.

The A&A Pollution Response vehicle arrives with extra personnel and equipment

The A&A Pollution Response vehicle arrives with extra personnel and equipment


Multi-Agency Response

Other exercise participants included representatives from the Marine Conservation Society, the RNLI and environmental and media specialists from South Hams District Council. The exercise was also overseen byDartmouth’s Harbour Master, Captain Rob Giles.


The Harbour Master’s View

The Salcombe Harbour Master, Captain Adam Parnell said “Today’s exercise was a real test of our planning and people and I’m pleased that both worked admirably. Although there will inevitably be things that we can learn from this, I am confident that we have the people, plans and equipment in place to succeed if we were ever unfortunate enough to experience this for real.”