Estuarine Escapades – Boat Security

Estuarine Escapades - Boat Security

Boats can be an easy target for thieves but there’s a lot you can do to deter them.

  1. Use a security marker to mark anything valuable
  2. Keep hatches securely locked
  3. Keep valuable items out of sight
  4. Anchor your outboard
  5. Consider installing a boat alarm or GPS tracker

We will do our very best to reduce theft from boats in Salcombe Harbour but visible deterrents go a long way to stopping thieves.

Estuarine Escapades – The lighter way to stay safe

Estuarine Escapades is our new regular comic strip, created by Nick Brennan of Cartoon Fun, to help us convey important safety messages in a light hearted way.

Estuarine Escapades comic strip

We want everyone to enjoy their time around and on our Estuary and the best way to do this is to keep safe by following some CLEAR rules:

  • Communication – ensure that you have at least one means of communication with shore in case of an emergency
  • Lifejacket – or other suitable personal flotation device for each person (and dog!)
  • Equipment – check that the boat and all its equipment are in place and ready to go
  • Able – have a plan, know where you are heading and how to get there safely
  • Ready – be ready to have fun on the water!

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