Consultation starts on Harbour’s 2017-2022 Strategic Business Plan

Salcombe Harbour welcomes consultation feedback

Salcombe Harbour is beginning a consultation on its draft 2017-2022 Strategic Business Plan. This is being done over the busy summer period to capture feedback from residents and visitors alike.

The Harbour Board wants to meet evolving expectations and needs of Harbour users and they are proposing an ambitious 5-year plan. This will ensure that the  Harbour is a safe, efficient and sustainable modern eco-harbour that that meets the needs and expectations of 21st century Harbour users while maintaining its unspoiled and naturally beautiful character.

Key deliverables:

– Transform Salcombe Harbour into an eco-harbour. The Authority intends to transform Salcombe into a truly sustainable eco-harbour that represents a model for other harbours to adopt.

– Improve navigational safety. The Authority wants to widen the navigable channel in ‘the Bag’ by replacing some swinging moorings with deep water pontoons close to the old houseboat moorings.

– Adapt to changes in visitor patterns. The number of visitors arriving by sea is slowly reducing, but more are choosing to launch their boat from a slipway inside the Harbour. We are improving the maintenance and operational management of slipways to ease congestion during busy periods, and investigating better ways to store visitors’ road trailers.

– Support a thriving local community. Establishing Kingsbridge as a maritime destination, supporting a thriving shell fishing industry and raising environmental awareness are key priorities.

– Employ an engaged and dedicated staff. Our reputation comes from our staff’s dedication and commitment. We will recognise and reward their skills and experience with career-enhancing qualifications.

Consultation period open until 2 September

The Harbour Authority welcomes feedback by post or online. The consultation period closes on 2 September 2016.



DRAFT Strategic Business Plan 17-22