Harbour Board

Here, you will find information about the work of the Salcombe Harbour Board and the ways you can get involved in its processes.

About the Harbour Board

  • Salcombe Harbour is a municipal harbour operated by South Hams District Council, which is the Harbour Authority
  • South Hams District Council has implemented the recommendations set out by the Department for Transport and the Department for Communities and Local Government in their Municipal Ports Review, published in 2006.
  • In recognition of the successful implementation of the Municipal Ports Review and its recommendations for best practice in decision making and accountability, strategy and business planning, and review of performance and finance, Salcombe Harbour Authority was awarded Leading Lights Status by the Department for Transport, Communities and Local Government and the British Ports Association.

About Harbour Board meetings

The Salcombe Harbour Board meets six times a year, normally in April, June, July, September November and February to fulfil the commercial, operational and strategic requirements of the harbour

  • All Board meetings are public meetings with a period set aside for questions at each meeting
  • The meeting venues move around the estuary; times and venues are published in the Agendas which are available on our Meetings and Minutes page.


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