If you require winter boat storage at the Boat Park at Batson, you will find all the information you need here.

About winter storage at Batson

The Boat Park at Batson operates all year around, but during the winter months, from October to April, the Boat Park is optimised to provide winter storage for boats of up to 10 Tonnes

  • It is essential that the winter storage service is booked in advance as space is limited.
  • Remember, the service offered is Boat Storage. If you require Boatyard facilities or want to stay ashore beyond April, you should book your lift out with a Boatyard.

When is winter storage available?

There are two zones for winter storage:

  • Zone 1 runs from October to March
  • Zone 2 is slightly longer, running from October to April.

Further information

  • All winter stored boats have to be re-launched by the end of April as the Boat Park reverts back to a car park for the summer months
  • All boats using the winter storage facility have to have their hulls washed off, by a marine contractor, on lift out
  • The scrubbing is done over a grid which captures the water, which is polluted with anti -fouling, and filters it
  • This prevents contaminated water entering the estuary and contaminating the mud in the vicinity of the boat park and slipway
  • There is an environmental charge made for the use of the washing and filtration service.

Remember, the lift out operation is tidally constrained, as well as being limited by the scrubbing operations. Lifting out slots are therefore limited and allocated on a first come basis.

How to book

Bookings can be made from 1st August 2014 using the Winter Storage Pack.

Contractor Registration

Marine Services Contractor wishing to carry out work on boats stored on South Hams District Council’s Boat Park have to complete a Contractor Registration Form.