Residents Moorings

On this page you will find comprehensive information and criteria on the allocation of resident moorings in Salcombe and Kingsbridge.

Essential Information

  • Boats that are registered and have paid their annual Harbour Dues will be issued with a sticker which has a unique identification number for that boat
  • This plaque should be displayed at all times
  • The Harbour Authority uses the unique number on the annual sticker to identify the boat
  • Resident Boats allocated a harbour mooring facility will be charged annually.

Boat Registration

  • All boats using the estuary are to be registered with the Harbour Authority
  • When you register your boat you will be required to sign to say that you have third Party Liability Insurance to the value of ¬£3,000,000
  • The level of insurance is reviewed annually by the Harbour Board and will invariably follow the industry standard level of cover.

How do I register?

  • You can download the Boat registration form below. Once completed it should be forwarded to the Harbour Office.

 Allocation of Resident Moorings in Salcombe and Kingsbridge

  • The annual mooring facility allocation process will normally commence in October for the following year with the distribution of “retention” letters to current mooring facility holders.

Additional information

  • Customers who indicate their desire to retain a facility and pay a retention fee will be contracted to pay for the facility
  • If they change their mind and the mooring facility is returned to the harbour before 1 March, the contract will be cancelled and the deposit lost
  • If the mooring facility is returned to the harbour after 1 March the contract will stand unless the facility can be re-let, when a pro rata refund will be made
  • Mooring facilities which are not required and become available after 1 March will be offered to the waiting list
  • If offers to the top quarter of the waiting list are not accepted, the facility will be used for visitors for that season, so keeping the facility available to the waiting list for the following season

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