Resident fees and charges

 Harbour Dues

  • All boats using the Harbour are required to pay Harbour Dues
  • Harbour dues are levied to enable the Harbour Authority to fulfil its statutory responsibilities in operating a safe and efficient harbour
  • Some of these are patrolling, maintaining navigation marks and beacons, dredging, hydrographical surveys, waste disposal and staff training and taking all the necessary actions required to fulfil the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code
  • Once you have registered your boat and paid Harbour Dues you will be given a sticker with a unique number which will identify your boat to the Harbour Staff
  • This sticker will be issued annually and should normally be displayed on the port quarter of your boat
  • If this is inappropriate because of your boat design, Ribs and small motor boats normally display the sticker on the outboard engine cover or the steering console.