If you are arriving by sea to visit the Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary you will find details here on procedures and the mooring facilities available.

Information for visiting yachtsmen

  • The Estuary is a superb natural harbour and fantastic destination for cruising yachtsmen
  • Salcombe has no marinas; the Harbour Authority provides deep water swinging moorings and deep water pontoons, not connected to the shore
  • You will also find most of the services and utilities that you would expect to find in a busy leisure harbour
  • The Harbour Authority does not take bookings for vessels planning to arrive from sea, however if you have any specific requirements or you wish, you can inform us of your intended arrival and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements

What to do when you arrive

  • On arrival you should contact “Salcombe Harbour” on VHF#14.
  • We will then direct you to the most appropriate mooring for your vessel
  • During busy periods you will probably have to raft against other visiting boats
  • Our visitors’ moorings are located off Salcombe Town. The mooring buoys are yellow and easily identifiable with “V” for Visitor and the Mooring number and the maximum length of vessel that can safely secure to it.
  • The Visitors’ Pontoon is located in the Western Bag to the North of Snapes Point

Walk ashore Berths

  • Following the re-development of the Salcombe Town Landings in 2011, there are now two 12-metre berths available on Whitestrand Commercial Pontoon available between 19:00 and 08:00 the following morning
  • These berths are charged at a slightly higher rate than the swinging moorings, 25% more than the equivalent swinging mooring for your boat length
  • They are walk-ashore berths which have both water and electricity
  • These berths can be booked if paid for in advance

Visitors by Road

If you are visiting Salcombe Harbour by road please read our Visitors by Road page.

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