Detailed information on our commitment to safety and The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) is available here.

About the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC)

  • The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) was first published in March 2000 and revised by the Department of Transport in 2009
  • It aims to establish an agreed national standard for port marine safety and a measure by which harbour authorities can be held accountable for the legal powers and duties which they have to run their harbours safely.
  • Salcombe Harbour has been compliant with the Port Marine Safety Code since 2002.

Committed to your safety

South Hams District Council and Salcombe Harbour Board (SHB) are committed to running a safe, efficient and welcoming harbour that caters for the needs of the local communities, visitors and the environment.

The six core principles that underpin all the activities of the Salcombe Harbour Board are:

  • Safety
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Value for money
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Catalyst for substantial economic development
  • Support for local employment

Further information

  • SHB will provide a safe port within the limits of their jurisdiction, which is open to the public for the transportation of passengers and goods.
  • It will ensure the safety of their Harbour by exercising their statutory conservancy functions to a high standard
  • It will regulate the use of the harbour by maintaining appropriate bye-laws and ensuring that these and other statutory regulations are enforced
  • The board will ensure such marine services as are required for the safe use of their Harbour are available and are maintained and operated to a high standard
  • The board will ensure that current plans are available to deal with emergency situations and that the resources required to implement these plans are maintained and exercised.

The Policy incorporates input from officers, from staff and from harbour users as high standards of safety can only be achieved through dialogue and co-operation.

Plans and reports shall also be published as a means of improving the transparency and accountability of harbour authorities, as well as providing reassurance to the users of port facilities.