Salcombe at (extremely!) low tide

Salcombe’s lowest tide of the year in pictures

During 10th and 11th of March, the Kingsbridge-Salcombe Estuary experienced the highest and lowest tides of the year due to the effects of the equinoctial Spring tides (more information about equinoctial tides can be found in this  Met Office blog) and the Harbour Staff recorded how the extremely low tide (0.4m) in photos


Even though the Whitestrand pontoon was aground, vessels could still operate from the town’s ‘commercial’ pontoon…

Whitestrand Pontoon

…and the main navigable channel was still usable, which was especially important for the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat…

Navigable channel

…despite the tide gauge being entirely out of the water!

Tide guage

Meanwhile, lower down the Estuary, even the Seagrass beds were exposed…



…and for the staff, it was a useful occasion in which to conduct some mooring maintenance, even if it meant wading through mud!

Moorings team in mud